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Ayurveda is a Science of Life which always emphasizes preventative & healing therapies by various methods of Purification & Rejuvenation. One of the many Ayurvedic Therapies is Panchakarma Therapy. Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word which is made up of two words Pancha + Karma. Pancha means Five. Karma means Therapeutic Measure. So Panchakarma means Five types of Therapeutic Measures. People often confuse the term Panchakarma to mean a simple massage therapy. But in actuality, Abhyanga is not a massage. Panchkarma is a method of treatment designed for shodhana (Detoxification) and Removal of disease causing ama (toxins).

Panchkarma is a cleansing process to detoxify the body and to increase the strength of the immune system and to restore the balance and health. Sometimes due to poor dietary habits, no exercises or poor exercise ways,poor lifestyle,hormonal changes or poor digestive system leads to the accumulation of ama (toxins) in the body that causes diseases.
Ama results from improper metabolic functioning causes the system to absorb micro molecules of undigested food.It is greasy and mucous in nature and blocks various tiny body channels(srotas). Its accumulation causes imbalance between the three doshas that leads to various diseases.

Panchakarma Package (4 Days)

Base Package

1)     Initial Consultation (40 Min Session)

a.       Routine Ayurvedic Checkup

b.      Body Constitution, Diet and Lifestyle Chart

c.       Herbal Supplements if needed (included in package)

Day 1
2)     Shirodhara Therapy (50 Min. Session)

a.       Shirodhara (Head + Oil) Prep & Therapy

Day 2

Package Options (*Pick Any 4*)

1)     Mukha Abhyanga (30 Min Session)

a.       An Ayurvedic Facial Therapy is unlike a facial you will receive at your beauty salon. After assessing your body constitution,an appropriate facial treatment is given with ayurvedic oils and herbs and fruits to nurture your skin, increase the blood circulation and toning the facial muscles which includes facial marma therapy.

Benefits: Helps in rejuvenation, exfoliation and detoxification of the face. Reduces the levels of Stress. Prevents the sagging of the skin by making it firm. Nourishes the skin. Improves the skin complexion and glow.

Day 2
2)     Akshitarpan Therapy & Follow-up Consultation (60 Min Session)

a.       This soothing therapy is for those tired eyes which are always taken for granted. Ghee (clarified butter) has many health benefits when taken orally; although for this therapy Ghee is heated up to a bearable temperature and poured over the eye and allowed to collect with the help of a hand made vessel of sort. This cycle is repeated till the warm ghee has properly saturated the eye for several minutes. The Practitioner may choose to perform this therapy on one eye at a time or both at the same time based on client comfort.

Benefits: Helps in vision and eye related ailments.

Day 3
3)     Karnapuran Therapy & Follow-up Consultation (60 Min Session)

a.       Karnapooran means filling the ears. The client is made to lie on one side. First the ear lobes are gently rubbed with oil. This part is called Purvakarma. Then lukewarm and purified medicated oil is gently poured into one ear. After about five minutes or more, the client is requested turn sides and the process is repeated for the other ear.

Benefits: Increases sense of hearing, helps with tinnitus, ringing in the ears, vertigo and ear congestion, reduces dryness & itching in the ears, helps with headaches & allergy symptoms.

Day 3
4)     Nasya Therapy & Follow-up Consultation (60 Min Session)

a.       According to an age old scholar VAGBHATA, the nostrils are the entrance to the head and the effect of the herbal powders or oils administered through the nostrils spreads and alleviates the illness thereby protecting the upper as well as the lower regions of the human body. The procedure where an herbal oils and powders decoction slowly poured through the nostrils is called Nasya. During this procedure, the client must be made to lie on his/her back with head lowered a little bit by putting a towel or pillow under the neck. The herbal oil can then be safely administered through the nostrils and should be sniffed in by the client.

Benefits: This therapy is not just used as nasal de-congestant but also to cure serious diseases like insomnia, loss of consciousness, hemiplegia, facial paralysis etc. Helps in treating (Sirorogas) diseases pertaining to the head like Migraine, Chronic headaches, Sinusitis,Ear Nose and Throat Disorders. Helps in Stiffness of Head, Neck and Shoulder. Helps in healthy growth of hair. Helps in preventing the early aging process.

Day 3
5)     Pindaswedana & Follow-Up Consultation (60 Min Session)

a.       PIND SWEDEN OR PODIKKIZHI is a method of therapeutic sweating. Special herbal leaves and powders are mixed in bag of cotton or linen cloth dipped in warm ayurvedic oil and then fomented on the whole body or specific affected parts with this bag. This creates a very traditional Ayurvedic tool to help the body initiate the detoxification process. After fomentation, the client’s body may be wiped clean with a towel. This is followed by a short period of rest and then a relaxing bath. It is an excellent therapy for those pulled and aching muscles in the back and shoulder area.

Benefits: Good for ailments due to disrupted Vata and Kapha Doshas. Helps in Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis, detoxification and muscle relaxation. Results in pain relief and muscle strength.

Day 4
6)     Kativasti Therapy & Follow-up Consultation (60 Min Session)

Kativasti is an effective therapy for various ailments connected to lower back and spine.
A small receptacle of black gram dough is made on the lower back around the lumbo-sacral area. After making sure that this is leak-proof, lukewarm herbal oil is slowly poured into it, which alleviates the pain and strengthens the bone. The oil and dough are removed after half an hour. Then gently massage the area with same oil for sometime. The client is then advised to take rest for sometime. This procedure helps to increase the blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and connective tissues and lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and pain free. Also strengthens the muscles of the back which help maintaining the curvature of the spine and nourishes the nerves which will prevent the pain and numbness.

Benefits: Effective in sciatica or slip disc, Strengthens the back muscles, Relieves the lower back pain, Cures spinal dislocation and Increases blood circulation in spinal region.

Day 4

Pre-paid Package Cost

$ 960

$ 800

Extra Options (Not Included in Quoted Pricing Above)

  • Enhanced Herbal Oils for Shirodhara


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* Please note that the therapy duration and personal experience may vary from time to time. Pricing is subject to change without notice *

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Acne & Black spots
Facial Blemishes
Wrinkles & Pigmentation
Chronic Eczema
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