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Shirodhara is a Sanskrit word which is made up of two words Shiro + Dhara. Shiro means Head and Dhara means Flow. For Ayurveda it means the continuous pouring of medicated liquid or oil via a thin stream over one’s forehead. Shirodhara is especially used to strengthen & stabilize the body and mind. It is also used to improve the perception of taste in food, improve memory, skin & eyes. Shirodhara therapy is also well known to nourish the Rakta Dhatu (Blood) and could help with slowing down the aging process, sleep and stress related disorders, stroke, blood pressure and many more*. Shirodhara Therapy provides much needed relaxation and calm when living such high paced and high stress lifestyles.

Shirodhara Therapy Improvements and Pricing

Besides our recent move to a bigger facility in Hoffman Estates; we have made other advancements to serve our clientele better. One of these advancements is an Automatic Shirodhara Machine. It is automated in the sense that the custom built machine is capable of maintaining down to the digit temperature setting and maintains an extremely consistent oil flow (dhara) on the client. This allows the Practitioner to truly focus on the client which in turn provides the best desired results. Best of all, it is Made in USA with the help of Local Craftsmen!

While this automation may sound like a basic necessity, it is near impossible to achieve the perfection thru traditional methods. A traditional Shirodhara would require constant heating / re-heating, uneven oil flow and commonly requires 2 attendants to make everything “fall into place”. Not only does this create undue stress, but the uneven changes and noise can keep a client from relaxing and truly enjoying the many benefits of this age old therapy.

Shirodhara is a warm and soothing therapy for your mind and body. All clients will be welcomed to a private therapy room. In this environment you can relax and leave your stress behind for the duration of your visit. We will start off with a soothing face rub to prepare you for the oil Therapy. Warm blankets and soothing gel eye shields will be available for your comfort.

Package Special: Buy 6 Get 7th FREE!

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic Therapy performed by focusing a small steady stream of Herbal Oil on the clients forehead. Different blends offer varied advantages for certain body types. So the practitioner will determine your Dosha (Body Type) ahead of time. Based on that, a recommended blend of ingredients will be used for the therapy. During this time your mind will become relaxed and clear of thoughts. Which will then enable the body to improve blood flow and release harmful toxins.

Upon completion of Shirodhara, your Practitioner will remove or dab off most of the residual oil leftover from the therapy. But not all of it. The rejuvenation process has not been full completed at this point. This is why we ask the client to leave the oil in for an hour or so after the therapy. Rest assured that we will carefully wrap a shower cap and provide towels before you leave to prevent any potential drips. Upon returning home, a warm head wash and a soothing shower will leave you fully refreshed and ready to take on the daily challenges.

Balanced Ayurveda now provides the following Shirodhara Therapy Options

Shirodhara Therapy Package (2 Appointments) *

1st Appointment (Initial Consultation – 40 Minutes)
– Routine Ayurvedic Checkup
– Family Medical History
– Body Constitution
– Diet and Lifestyle Chart

2nd Appointment (Shirodhara Therapy – 60 Minutes)
– Warm welcome to your private Therapy Session
– Shirodhara Prep & Therapy – 50 Mins
– Post Therapy Clean-up

**NEW** Both appointments CAN be scheduled the same day. Call us today to book your consult + therapy appointment.




Shirodhara Therapy (60 Minutes) *

Shirodhara Therapy Sessions will include
– Warm welcome to your private Therapy Session
– Shirodhara Prep & Therapy – 50 Mins
– Post Therapy Clean-up

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Initial Consultation NOT Required. Special Oil Blends will incur extra charges.
Please submit an Online Appointment Request and fill out our New Client Form ahead of time.



 Special Oil Blends will incur extra charges.

Shirodhara Therapy (30 Minutes) *

Shirodhara Therapy Sessions will include
– Warm welcome to your private Therapy Session
– Shirodhara Prep & Therapy – 25 Mins
– Post Therapy Clean-up

NOTE: Initial Consultation Required.



Special Oil Blends will incur extra charges.

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Individual experiences and therapy duration may vary from person to person. Not all therapies and supplements are advisable for all clients and there are certainly no guarantees on results. The information on this website is for educational purposes only. Balanced Ayurveda in no way purports to be; nor replaces allopathic (western) medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed physician. Balanced Ayurveda is neither a licensed physician nor a Medical facility and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. A licensed physician should be consulted immediately for any medical problems regardless of receiving any alternative treatment. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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