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Questions – FAQ

Below is an ongoing list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



  • I don’t need an Ayurvedic Consultation. Can I schedule for Therapy Only?
    • An Initial Ayurvedic consultation is required before any Therapies or supplements can be provided. This is because, not all therapies and oils are good for all body types. It is very important for the Practitioner to know your body type, medical history and daily habits before recommending any therapies. And these are just a few concepts that are covered in an Initial Ayurvedic Consultation. 


  • Can I schedule the Initial Consultation and Therapy appointment on the same day?
    • Most therapies offered at Balanced Ayurveda require a special blend of oils and herbs to be prepared in advance on a “per client” basis. This can only be done after the Practitioner has had a chance to do a Body Type assessment (Dosha) and reviewed the necessary aspects of the Ayurvedic Therapies with the client.Besides that, Balanced Ayurveda keeps separate schedules for Consultations and Therapies because Therapies generally take more time. Consultations on the other-hand have fixed appointment blocks, which is why it would not be possible to schedule therapy on the same day as Initial Consultation.


  • I already know my Dosha (Body Type), can I schedule for Therapy ONLY?
    • Our bodies are constantly changing due to our personal habits and changes in climate. Over time, Body types even change or tend to blend in two based on changes and improvements that are being focused on. We even get some clients who think they are a certain body type, but in realty they are not. This is why an Initial Ayurvedic consultation is required to get the most recent and accurate assessment from the Practitioner. 


  • How can I schedule Therapy Appointments?
    • After the initial consultation is completed with the Practitioner; therapy appointments can be scheduled anytime as per availability. 


  • I have recently had an Ayurvedic Consultation (or Follow-up) with the Practitioner. How long do I have to schedule therapies?
    • Therapy appointments can be scheduled anytime after the Initial Consult or Follow-up is completed. In most cases, a “re-follow-up” is not required unless we haven’t seen you in the last 6 months or more. 


  • Is there an advantage to combining two or more Therapies?
    • Absolutely. Balanced Ayurveda offers certain “combo-discounts” for the most commonly combined therapies. Some of which are listed on our Services Page. Besides that, please feel free to contact us or ask the Practitioner at the time of your appointment for more details. 


  • Do you sell any Medication or Supplements over-the-counter?
    • No. We do NOT operate a Storefront or a Pharmacy like setting where general public can purchase products. As a Holistic Practice, we provide many services including consultations and therapies to improve general well-being.


  • I am not interested in a consultation. I already know what I need. Can you sell it to me?
    • No. As a Holistic Practice, we do not provide or sell any products to the general public without prior consultation.


  • I was seeing some other Holistic Practitioner who had given me a certain medication. Can you use that Prescription to special order or sell it to me?
    • No. As a Holistic Practice, we do not provide or sell any products to the general public without prior consultation.


  • Where do you get your herbal supplements and who is your source?
    • Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements are grown / manufactured Internationally by many Licensed and Reputable companies. These supplements are then sold be many re-sellers with Import / Export Rights to USA for open (legal) use in the United States.



  • Do you accept Health Insurance?
    • No. Ayurveda treatments fall under Holistic or Alternative Medicine which is generally not covered by most major Health Insurance carriers. Any services and therapies will be an out of pocket expense.


  • Has Balanced Ayurveda partnered with any Holistic Medicine Insurance Providers?
    • No. We have no affiliations with any Medical Insurance, Holistic or otherwise. Any services and therapies will be an out of pocket expense.


  • What Payment Methods do you accept?
    • We gladly accept Cash, Check, and all Major Credit Cards.


  • Will you negotiate? Can I get better pricing estimate over the phone?
    • Unfortunately No. We understand that Alternative Medicine can be expensive since it is an out of pocket expense. This is why we routinely monitor our pricing and setup Promotional Offers every now and then to keep the pricing at Fair Market Value while offering the best service possible. You also have to understand that a lot of time and effort is spent for an individual’s situation well before and after any given appointment or therapy. Just like you, we want to see improvement. So lets focus on that factor.


CAN I .. ?

  • Can I talk to the Practitioner Directly over the Phone or e-mail?
    • Unfortunately no. It is difficult to provide diagnosis or treatment options based on a simple e-mail or a phone call. After all, Ayurvedic approach to healing is primarily dependent on individual’s body-type and lifestyle. Which is why we really recommend scheduling an Ayurvedic Consultation with the Practitioner to discuss these matters.


  • Can I ask a question regarding the Consultation which I just had?
    • Sure. There is a lot of information being discussed during the consultation so it can be difficult to gather all the thoughts and takeaways at that time. So as a courtesy we will gladly answer some basic follow-up questions via e-mail. Although please understand that incoming e-mails are monitored by the Staff and NOT by the Practitioner. So aside from the Privacy concerns, the questions will be relayed to the Practitioner and then any responses would then be relayed back to you eventually.


  • Can I Special Order Medication / Supplements through you from India?
    • No. As a Holistic Practice, we do not provide or sell any products to the general public without prior consultation.


Individual experiences and therapy duration may vary from person to person. Not all therapies and supplements are advisable for all clients and there are certainly no guarantees on results. The information on this website is for educational purposes only. Balanced Ayurveda in no way purports to be; nor replaces allopathic (western) medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed physician. Balanced Ayurveda is neither a licensed physician nor a Medical facility and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. A licensed physician should be consulted immediately for any medical problems regardless of receiving any alternative treatment. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Ayurvedic Therapies could help with ...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Acne & Black spots
Facial Blemishes
Wrinkles & Pigmentation
Chronic Eczema
Psoriasis & Vitiligo
Women’s Health
Hormonal Changes
Ovarian Cysts
Fertility Issues
Acid Reflux
High blood pressure
Chronic constipation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome