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Ayurveda is India’s traditional Hindu system of medicine. It is a profound system of mind-body medicine, natural living and yogic health. Ayurveda, which means “The Science of Life” has become ever popular for it’s wonderful yogic therapies, dietary methods and herbal lifestyle which help us live a long, happy and healthy life. And almost all Ayurvedic Medicines are usually prepared from Herbs. So through these methods, Ayurveda also brings us more in harmony with the universe of life and consciousness. The principles of Ayurveda are fundamentally different from other systems of medical science, especially Allopathic Medicine. Ayurveda interfaces closely with the spiritual science of yoga.

Balanced Ayurveda now offers Online Ayurvedic Consultations. Initial Ayurvedic Consultations are recommended for those who are new to Ayurveda and would like to begin a Natural and Healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle*. This is the best way to meet your Ayurvedic Practitioner and to introduce yourself. During this consultation the practitioner will also discuss your ailments and your medical history. Through this process your body constitution and basis of imbalances are determined.

Best of all, our online consultations eliminate the hassle of travel. Which is why online consultations are available to everyone regardless of location. Although if you prefer an Office Consultation then we welcome the opportunity to meet you in-person. 

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  Online Ayurvedic Consultation (40 Mins.)

Initial consultations are the best way to introduce yourself and to meet your Ayurvedic Practitioner. During this consultation the practitioner will discuss your ailments and your medical history. Some of the techniques used as needed during consultations include:

– Family Medical History
– Daily Habits and Diet Routine
– Body Constitution

During this meeting, a Body Constitution Analysis will be performed to assess your body type and allow you the opportunity to discuss any basis for imbalances. Thereafter, the practitioner may guide you on how to balance your diet and life style according to your body type*. Please understand that Initial Consultation appointments may take up to 40 Minutes to complete.

$ 125



  Online Follow-Up Consultation

After the initial consultation, the practitioner will have developed a patient’s baseline. This will be the time when the focus will change from basic to a more customized approach. We will make assessments as to how previous therapies have balanced your vikruti (imbalances). Then we make changes in therapies as needed or otherwise continue prior regimen.

$ 99


Please Note: All Online Consultations must be Scheduled and Paid for in Advance.
Thank You for your understanding.

Individual experiences and therapy duration may vary from person to person. Not all therapies and supplements are advisable for all clients and there are certainly no guarantees on results. The information on this website is for educational purposes only. Balanced Ayurveda in no way purports to be; nor replaces allopathic (western) medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment from a licensed physician. Balanced Ayurveda is neither a licensed physician nor a Medical facility and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. A licensed physician should be consulted immediately for any medical problems regardless of receiving any alternative treatment. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Ayurvedic Therapies could help with ...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Acne & Black spots
Facial Blemishes
Wrinkles & Pigmentation
Chronic Eczema
Psoriasis & Vitiligo
Women’s Health
Hormonal Changes
Ovarian Cysts
Fertility Issues
Acid Reflux
High blood pressure
Chronic constipation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome